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Manual Therapy with Noah Citron

30 minutes: $50
45 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $75
75 minutes: $90
90 minutes: $105

(Listed prices reflect a time-of-service discount. These prices are discounted from prices billed to insurance or other parties, and cannot be combined with other discounts.)


Visceral Manipulation using Functional Method Osteopathic Techniques

(a gentle manual therapy approach to finding long-lasting ease and comfort in the body)


Visceral Manipulation: "Viscera" refers to the layering system that allows organs (like the liver, intestines, lungs) and related structures (like arteries and nerves) to smoothly move around each other as the body moves. Loss of normal glide and/or stretch (let's call this "stuckness") is common. To avoid tissue damage at a site of "stuckness," we subconsciously establish protective patterns, which can limit joint mobility and cause pain elsewhere in the body. Organs attach to the musculoskeletal frame, and "stuckness" around organs is often felt as musculoskeletal complaints. When this is the case, freeing the organs promptly relieves joints and muscles. Example: shoulders can be dramatically affected when a lung isn't gliding properly over the diaphragm muscle; restoring lung glide can spontaneously resolve shoulder complaints. 

Visceral Manipulation can help with many common and uncommon problems. Here’s a small selection:

  • Whiplash, concussion, seatbelt injuries

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Acid reflux and many other gastrointestinal issues

  • Spine or joint pain

  • Endometriosis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic pain

  • Anxiety and Depression

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle Manual Therapy modality developed by world-renowned French Osteopath and Physical Therapist Jean-Pierre Barral. More information is available at 


Functional Method Osteopathic Techniques: subtle, low force, highly specific manual therapy assessment and treatment techniques designed to wake up proprioception and restore proper tone and elasticity in soft tissues. 

Functional Methods for Manual Therapy is a selection of assessment and treatment tools taught by Jeffrey Burch, LMT. More information at 

The Functional Methods style is well suited for Visceral Manipulation. Recognizing that the body is always in motion, the practitioner delicately follows the body's direction to find and address soft tissues whose treatment at this present moment will benefit the entire person. Resolving "stuckness" at an anatomically local level encourages proper movement of organs and related structures and allows the body to release protective patterns in the musculoskeletal system to change stiffness or pain into smooth, pain-free ease in movement. 

Please note: 

* the practitioner does not focus solely on the site of pain or dysfunction, which is often not the source (think of an oil slick on the ocean's surface from a leak in the ocean floor). The long-lasting benefits of Visceral Manipulation come from safely untangling the often-complex strains running through the body at a distance, which promotes the body’s restorative capacity and provides clients with a general sense of comfort and ease within the entire body.

* Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement, as this approach involves occasional standing and/or seated work.

Education and Background

Education and Background

After earning my B.A. in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University and sailing on two amazing research voyages across the Pacific Ocean with SEA, I charted a new course. Moving from my involvement in the outdoorsy sciences towards a more service-oriented path, I enrolled in the Massage Practitioner Program at Whatcom Community College and found myself learning a lot of other fascinating subjects--kinesiology, anatomy, pathophysiology--in addition to massage therapy techniques.

My massage school training covered both relaxation and treatment massage, incorporating Swedish, deep tissue / Sports massage, lymphatic facilitation, and myofascial release techniques.

Over the past few years and with extensive continuing education in the field, I have gravitated toward a more trauma-informed practice with anatomical specificity and gentler touch. I completed Jeffrey Burch's Function Methods for Manual Therapy course sequence as well as his more advanced Visceral Manipulation series. I find that these approaches provide remarkably profound results with very gentle yet specific therapeutic techniques and am thrilled to be able to provide them to my clients! 

Massage and manual therapy has been a fun, academically stimulating, and complex subject to explore. I enjoy the challenges that this profession offers and expect to be continually learning for many years to come! It's an exciting direction for me, and I look forward to helping my clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated in the midst of their often-stressful lives.

When not practicing, I spend as much time as possible being outdoors in rain or shine: sailing, hiking, biking, playing beach volleyball, and reading in my hammock. I also enjoy cooking, eating, board games and spending time with my friends, wife, and dog.